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Construction Dumpsters: Junk Control Dumpster Rentals

By August 17, 2019No Comments

Las Vegas is a city that is constantly undergoing construction. The land is constantly being developed. Roads are being built or repaired. And new homes are created to accommodate our growing population. This creates a need for construction dumpsters. Construction projects create a lot of waste. Dumpsters are the most effective method to dispose of that much waste. Every construction site has at least one container to dispose of debris and other material. These containers must be affordable, professional, and safe.

In today’s article, we will talk about construction dumpsters. We will also discuss the special rates Junk Control gives to recurring customers.

Construction Dumpsters

Dumpsters come in a variety of sizes. Junk Control offers six different dumpsters to accommodate your specific needs. Construction projects vary in size and scope. Junk Control specializes in tailoring our prices to customer needs. Our recurring customers are given a special price. The price is based on their dumpster volume. We also base our special pricing on the debris you are throwing away. Our residential rates are the lowest in the city. Our recurring rates are no different. We constantly beat our competitors when it comes to price, service, and professionalism. 

Our dumpsters are some of the safest in Las Vegas. We have our dumpsters painted bright green for the safety of everyone working at a construction site. If you use more than four dumpsters a month, give us a call or text at 702-202-6206. Tell us what kind of debris you are throwing away and how many dumpsters you use a month. We can talk to you and get you a special rate based on your specific needs.

Junk Control Dumpsters

Junk Control has provided construction dumpsters to the Las Vegas community for almost fifteen years. We pride ourselves in providing professional and affordable service. Call or text us today at 702-202-6206. We appreciate all feedback on Google and Yelp. Look at our reviews and you will find many of our satisfied customers. Almost all of our customers recommend us to friends and family. Many of these customers have used our service more than once.

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