Terms and Conditions

This contract serves as a formal agreement between “Customer” and Junk Control. Placement of order and/or acknowledgment of the terms of this contract constitutes acceptance of the Terms and Conditions.


Junk Control will make a diligent and reasonable effort to provide delivery of dumpster on the requested day and estimated delivery window.  Junk Control, however, cannot guarantee this delivery window and is not responsible for paid labor due to such delays in either the delivery or the pick up at the dumpster. Junk Control is not responsible for delivery of a dumpster or services agreed-upon, until payment has been made in full and all terms of the agreement have been acknowledged and accepted. If cash is chosen as payment, Customer will provide credit card to be held on file and payment will be due before or upon delivery. Receipt of COD will be provided as proof of payment. It is the responsibility of Customers to inform any HOA of the scheduled delivery and to ensure adherence to the required regulations, including, but not limited to, providing suitable materials necessary to prevent damage to asphalt, etc.  Customer is to ensure that any access provided to Junk Control’ equipment is sufficient to bear the weight of all equipment required to perform the service. Junk Control is NOT responsible for damage that may occur to any surface designated to perform the service or the cleanup or repair of any marks or damage created by the dumpster.  Customer is responsible to ensure complete access to delivery site, (unlocking private gates, providing entry codes, informing staff in gated communities, removing vehicles or items that may hinder or block access, etc.).  If failure to do so results in unnecessary delays or the inability to render the services at arrival to the site, Customer will assess a trip charge of $75. The rental fee includes (1) delivery of dumpster, (2) pick up, at the end of rental period, of dumpster and allowable waste items, (3) hauling away and dumping allowable items to appropriate landfills or recyclable centers. Pick up of the dumpster is based on the existing workload for that day, not allowing for specific scheduled times. Please note that Junk Control can arrive at any time of the day, including early mornings, on the scheduled pick up date. If you wish to extend the rental., It is crucial to contact the office at least 12 hours prior to your scheduled pick up date. Failure to do so can incur a $75 charge to compensate Junk Control for the cost of a failed or return trip. Dumpsters can be extended, with early notice for a discounted fee of $10 a day or $50 a week. Junk Control will not deliver or retrieve a dumpster on the weekends. If an extension is made on a Friday, the earliest we can pick up would be the following Monday at a two day extension rate of $20. Extensions are available as long as needed.


Junk Control provides the following sizes of roll-off dumpsters with specific weight capacities and limits that must be observed:

LOWBOY 10 YARD                No weight limit (dirt, rock, concrete )
10 Yard (mixed)                    3 tons/6,000 pounds
15 Yard (mixed)                     3 tons/6,000 pounds
20 Yard (mixed)                    3.5 tons/7,000 pounds
30 Yard (mixed)                    5 tons/10,000 pounds
40 Yard (mixed)                    5.5 tons/11,000 pounds

All weight overages will be charged at a rate of $18.75 per 1/4 ton or $75 per ton. While Junk Control may have made a recommendation on the size of a dumpster, it is the responsibility of Customer to determine the dumpster size that is most suitable for their circumstances. If the size of dumpster chosen is inadequate and requires an exchange after delivery, a trip charge will be incurred to compensate Junk Control.


Due to legal safety regulations, customer will load debris evenly into the dumpster and will NOT fill dumpster beyond the maximum load level line specified on each dumpster. If debris is loaded beyond this marked line, Customer will be responsible to remove excess/prohibited items or pay the overload charges incurred.

“MIXED” DUMPSTERS ALLOWABLE WASTE  includes, but is not limited to:

  • Non-hazardous solid construction, remodel and demolition waste
  • Roofing materials, carpet materials
  • Glass, plastics, pipes, metals
  • Yard waste (not including dirt, rock, or concrete)
  • Boxes, wood
  • Furniture, appliances (not including televisions and computer monitors)
  • Tires (accepted for an additional fee)

“MIXED” DUMPSTERS PROHIBITED WASTE includes, but is not limited to:

  • Liquid paint, oils, corrosives
  • Hazardous materials such as, but not limited to, flammables/combustibles or fixtures containing flammables/combustibles
  • Televisions and computer monitors
  • Dirt, rock, or concrete (allowable ONLY in Lowboy dumpster)

Please contact our office or refer to www.lasvegasjunkremoval.org for further questions regarding allowable and prohibited waste materials. 


As with all mixed dumpsters, Customer will not fill dumpster beyond the maximum load level line specified. If debris is loaded beyond this marked line, Customer will be responsible to remove excess/prohibited items.


  • Dirt, sand, sod
  • Concrete, asphalt, rock, cinderblocks, pavers
  • Tile, clean travertine

These items are taken to a recycle facility that will not accept mixed debris. Mixed debris found in the Lowboy dumpster will require that Junk Control transfer to a weight-station dumpsite that will charge according to weight. This WILL result in substantial increased fees to customer.

“LOWBOY” DUMPSTER PROHIBITED WASTE includes, but is not limited to:

  • Mixed construction, remodel and demolition materials
  • Roofing or carpet materials
  • Glass, plastics, pipes, metals
  • Yard waste, including trees and bushes (only dirt, rock, concrete, sod allowable)
  • Trash
  • Residential household goods, such as furniture or appliances
  • Boxes, wood

ABSOLUTELY NO MIXED DEBRIS IS TO BE PLACED OR CONCEALED IN THE LOWBOY DUMPSTER. If any debris is located, you will be charged $75 per ton which could result in excess of an additional $500 fee. Please contact our office or refer to www.lasvegasjunkremoval.org for further questions regarding allowable and prohibited waste materials. 


Customer agrees to provide proper care to the dumpster and to return the dumpster in good repair, without alterations or modifications during the rental agreement. Customer will notify Junk Control if any damage takes place to the dumpster while in the rental agreement. Customer is responsible for damages to container while in their possession during the rental period.  Customer is also responsible for debris placed in dumpster by passers-by. As a protection to Customer, it is recommended that signs or barriers be placed as a deterrent to unwelcome guests that may consider disturbing the bin contents.


It is the goal of Junk Control to provide the best services to our customers. It is in good faith that we provide guidelines to avoid unexpected fees. Our prices are flat fees with a 2% merchant credit card fee for credit and debit purchases. The unexpected fees that can be incurred include, but are not limited to:

  • Overloaded dumpster
  • Exceeding weight limit of dumpster
  • Relocating a dumpster, services not rendered due to reasons outside of the control of Junk Control
  • Dumpster rental extended
  • Prohibited items found in dumpster

Office: 702-202-6206