Las Vegas Property Preservation Service | REO Service

With today’s current economic world being in such a mess, it’s no surprise that there are many real estate owned properties in need of assistance. But if you are a bank for a real estate agent, you are faced with many challenges when it comes to keeping up with all of these properties.

Let’s face it. Until the housing market completely turns around, real estate agents and mortgage companies are going to be responsible for the homes that they currently own. And that means you are going to need help, and you’re going to need people willing to work hard to keep on top of everything for you since your plate is already full with so many other responsibilities.

Junk Control Is The Banks First Choice In Las Vegas  When It Comes To Handling Their REO Properties

At junk control, we would like to be the people willing to roll up our sleeves and work hard to maintain and keep up with all of the REO properties in your portfolio.

These homes and commercial properties need to be cleaned out. They need to be spotless so they can go on the market for sale, or get sold at auction. We know this is a bad situation with our current economic climate, and we understand that you need help during this troubling time.

We would like to help you, and we have worked on thousands of REO properties in the past, so we are experts in this area.

We know you need help removing things like:

  • old and unwanted furniture that has been left behind
  • appliances that no longer work and need to be replaced
  • removing trash from the homes that doesn’t belong there
  • generally cleaning up around the home or apartment so that it is fit and livable once again

There are a number of other services that we will provide banks and real estate agents that own and are responsible for REO properties.

But before we provide the next list of things that we can do for you, it’s best to mention that you can give us a call at 888-369-JUNK (5865) if you’re ready to give us a try. We are happy to help and we have a lot of experience, so we are the best company for the job in the Las Vegas area.

Getting back to the topic at hand…

We also provide a number of services that come in quite handy during this troubling time. The services we provide are:

  • janitorial related services
  • securing the premises
  • changing all locks when needed
  • adding lockboxes to the property
  • emergency board up services
  • capping gas lines and water lines
  • trash out services
  • rekeying locks
  • assistance with evictions
  • any other areas you think we can help

It’s also important to note that we have worked with some of the biggest mortgage lenders and banks all across the country. We have successfully helped Wells Fargo, Bank of America, U.S. Bank and many others.

So if you’re looking to get help from the most consummate professionals in the Las Vegas area, please contact Junk Control by dialing 888-369-JUNK (5865) immediately. We are ready and waiting for your call.