How It Works

Step1 - Junk RemovalStep 2 - Junk RemovalStep 3 - Junk Removal

How It Works

When you contact Junk control, we make it easy to take advantage of the benefits of our services. It’s so easy that you only have to follow a simple three-step process in order to have your unwanted junk removed from start to finish.

Let’s dive into the three-step process right now…

Step #1 – Call Junk Control

The first step is as simple as dialing 702-202-6206 to begin the process.

While on the phone with one of our qualified agents, you will learn about our pricing structure based on volume. We will tell you all of this over the phone so you know precisely what to expect without any hidden fees or surprise costs.

We base our price upon three key factors. The disposal fees that we will incur, the weight of the entire load and the amount of labor needed to complete the removal process from start to finish.

While on the phone with our representative, we will also use this time to schedule your appointment. We will make sure that we schedule an appointment for a time that is easy, convenient and available for you.

Step #2 – Junk Control Arrives on the Scene

In the second step, we will arrive at the location designated for our assignment. We need as little as 24 hours notice to schedule an appointment to remove your unwanted junk from any location in the Las Vegas area.

We also call every one of our customers within an hour of the designated arrival time. We do this to ensure that our appointment is scheduled correctly, and this provides you with an arrival time confirmation.

If for some reason unforeseen circumstances arise, this gives us the ability to warn you ahead of time. There may be a traffic jam that prevents us from reaching our destination at the appointed time. A job may run longer than expected. Or a whole host of things that could potentially pop up during the workday.

Step #3 – That’s All She Wrote

We are a team of consummate professionals. We want only what is best for our customers. With that in mind, we will provide a firm price prior to beginning our work.

It’s our job to remove all of the junk, load it onto our trucks, clear everything out of the area and sweep up everything once we are finished. You don’t have to lift a finger.

When we remove items from your home, it is our pleasure to donate everything possible that is recyclable. We always make an effort to put the junk items back into circulation when it seems the responsible thing to do. You can always count on us to recycle everything that we come across.

In Conclusion…

At Junk Control, we take care of everything for you. We bring the professional laborers. We provide the truck to remove all of the junk. We bring the experience needed for a large bulk moving project, and we will take care of everything for you so that you don’t have to worry about anything.

How’s that for a satisfying conclusion to your junk removal problem?

Give us a call at 702-202-6206 and we’ll remove your junk within 24 hour’s notice. We guarantee it.